Dear guest, I hope you feel welcome in our home. I would like to take a moment to share some important information regarding the use of household amenities.


As you know, air conditioning is a valuable comfort during the warmer months, and we kindly ask you to consider certain factors that will allow us to ensure responsible and efficient energy use.

In particular, I would like to inform you that the air conditioning system is equipped with some automatism that helps us maintain a balance between comfort and sustainability. For example, if any of the windows are left open for more than 4 minutes or if the Energy Saving Access Key is removed, the AC system will shut down. Each time one of the above actions occurs, it will be necessary to intervene to rearm it using the remote control and change the state from ‘stop’ to ‘cool’ . Detailed instructions will be provided through an on-site practical demonstration or through the following video clips (For English speakers, we recommend enabling automatic English subtitles).

Before you can adjust the settings of the air conditioner, it must be activated from the black home automation touch panel through the dedicated menu by pressing the indicated icon.

Next, the following window will appear.

Select “Condizionatore” and press “Ripristina” then wait a few minutes for the system to completely start. This procedure is required only at the beginning of your stay and does not need to be repeated.

Once this is done, you can follow the instructions in the following video for turning on the desired zones and managing the temperature.

Whenever a window is left open for more than 4 minutes or if the Energy Saving Access Key is removed from its wall box, the AC system will, by design, stop working. Each time one of the above conditions occurs, it will be necessary to intervene to rearm it using the remote control and change the state from ‘stop’ to ‘cool’ as shown in the video below.

magnetic key wall box

Please keep in mind that to ensure optimal operation of the system and avoid issues, simply follow the provided instructions.


  1. Loading:
    • Remove the upper and lower baskets.
    • Load dirty dishes, utensils, and pots into the lower and upper baskets, being careful not to overload the dishwasher.
    • Ensure that the water jets are not obstructed by the loaded items.
  2. Detergent:
    • Add dishwasher-specific detergent to the dedicated compartment, following the instructions on the detergent package.
  3. Program Selection:
    • Turn on the dishwasher pressin the on/off key (1) and select the desired program by pressing the corresponding key (3).
    • Wash programs may vary depending on the amount of dirt and type of load. Choose the program that best suits your needs.
  4. Start:
    • Press the start key (8) Close the dishwasher door and wait untill the program is completed.
    • Ensure that the door is securely closed to prevent water leakage during the wash cycle.
  5. Wait for Completion:
    • Once the wash cycle has started, the dishwasher will automatically work for the predetermined time.
    • At the end of the cycle, the dishwasher will emit an audible signal to notify you that the wash is complete.
  6. Emptying and Maintenance:
    • After the wash cycle, turn off the dishwasher and empty the dish rack.
    • Clean any food residue remaining on the filter and in the water jets.
    • Leave the door slightly ajar to allow the dishwasher to dry internally.

!!! NEVER IGNORE the salt indicator once on, please properly refill the salt tank or reach me at anytime, I will be pleased to help.

By following these steps, you should be able to properly use the IKEA Tillreda dishwasher to achieve clean and sparkling dishes every time. Be sure to also consult the user manual provided here or in the house manual for further details and specific recommendations. Happy cleaning!

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.